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  1. I'm looking at purchasing the D-link 950 Wireless/Internet Camera (http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=2&pid=365), Will this product work with Wireless/Internet Cameras???? Thanks R
  2. We have an AVAYA DEFINITY phone system that I am told is digital. I tried setting up the software and only get very almost nonexistent recording levels on my PCs. I've gone through all the settings and recommendations provided by NCH. I'm using the Radio Shack connector which connects between the base of the phone and the handset (should be analog right). The other side is plugged directly into the integrated sound card of my Compaq/HP sound Card. Could it be my sound card. Has anyone setup this system with a definity system???? Or is there a preferred sound card that is proven to work with this software?? Thanks R
  3. I'm trying to setup Wavepad to record conversations on phones connected to an AVAYA Definity System. Has anyone had success doing this with this or other software programs. The phone system supplies the power to the phones however every time I try to record I get a hising noise, and that's it. the configuration is setup to record to a sound card on a pc using the recommended Radios shack hardware mentioned on the NCH website. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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