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  1. I unfortunately have vista but can't find any post dealing with settings when you have separate dsl modem and wireless routor I can't get the port to show open with portfinder. Firewall is setup with ports assigned to program. I'm wondering if my problem is using the modem and the router with both DCHP servers running. I've used port forwarding in the router to the broadwave computers IP and the routers IP . I've tried port forwarding in the dsl modem to the routers IP and the Broadwave computers IP to no avail. I've tried having one off and one on and about every configuration possible and cannot broadcast on the public side. Any ideas would be great. Update ... some progress but I'm still having trouble. I finally got the port 88 working by turning DMZ "on" on my dsl modem and then setting port forwarding on my wireless router to my pc IP addy thats running broadwave . Portfinder says it's open. On the web access tab in BWave, if I click on the local page link I get the local network page with all the links.... but if I click on the "public" link I get nothing (error page). If I click on "configure" for the public link the "test button" says successful. The tag at bottom says I'm configured correctly. I've verified the public link is my ISP given address. Questions: What should happen when I click on the Public link in Bwave? Should I get a page similar to the local one? Why If I take the local link provided and substitute my public IP like so many advise on the forum do I still get a page error.? Thanks for any input
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