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    Want to convert audio mp3 to word file

    Sorry dl, while I was in the WordPad Forum, I entered "Speech Recognition" in the search field and got beamed out into the Express Scribe Forum. I posted my above comments thinking (erroneously) that WordPad handled Speech to Text. Based on your reply, this Express Scribe looked interesting, so I downloaded it thinking that it would do what Dragon software does, that is, convert speech into text. Wrong. It will transcribe speech to text if you also get Dragon software, or some other speech to text "engine". Even if Express Scribe is still useful for proof-reading, etc. doesn't the fact that you still must purchase Dragon kind of put a damper on Express Scribe?
  2. alazose

    Want to convert audio mp3 to word file

    "Load the audio file then click the "Open or create word-processor document" icon and start typing." Just where is this "Open or create word-processor document" icon? I certainly haven't seen it, nor is "Speech Recognition" mentioned anywhere in the Contents. If your alternate solution is to purchase the Dragon software, what's the point of using WavePad?
  3. alazose

    Is WavePad Sound Editor Really Free Permanently?

    The NCH people apparently believe in brief replies to queries. This is the response I received from them: "The trial version reverts to the free version with reduced functionality after the initial 14 day trial period." It seems to me that they could have mentioned on the download page that this was a 14 day trial version, and that it would revert to "reduced functionality" after that period if you didn't buy the "Master" version. There is no information that I can find on their website as to what is included in this reduced version. Is hiding the truth and the facts considered good P.R?
  4. Is WavePad Free Or Just a Trial Version? I opened what I thought was my permanent free WavePad Sound Editor Software, and there was a message indicating that I only had a few days left of the “Trial Version”? What gives? I don’t remember reading anything about a trial version, only that it was a free version, period, which I assumed meant permanently. Am I missing something?