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  1. Sorry a little confused ... I would have thought that you had burned it direct using the GV Software...???? Then why the Prism video converter? I just used the sofware and they worked fine
  2. Hi Larry I also noticed that but when you record it to the DVd it seems to compress it, and everything turned out OK. Try one and see, for the cost of one disc it is worth it. Maybe try on a DVD-RW if you dont want to waste a disc.
  3. Hi All I have had good success with the product and managed to convert a lot of my old videos to DVd successfully, good sound etc. BUT I occasionally find a bad Verification and also that the long videos of between 2 hours and three hours don't seem to record the whole thing. I get about 1 hour 30 and then that is it. The process completes as if everything is OK but when you check it is all good till that point. Looking on the DVD one can see that it isn't fully recorded. Any suggestions for help or anyone with the same problem.? Have just downloaded the update so will see if it still does it .
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