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  1. Okay, so I've managed to fix my problem of no video being displayed. I'm currently using a completely generic Conexant PCI capture card from eBay. It uses the Conexant BT878 chipset. To get your similar card to work, uninstall all current video capture drivers in Device Manager, download this file, run it, and select video capture driver as Conexant NTSC, continue with install, reboot, and you're done. You should get a video input on EyeLine now, but I haven't tried it with multiple video channels. I hope that solution has helped someone out there with the same problem of getting no video signal from the drivers using a generic eBay capture card, but I am now facing problems with EyeLine crashing, but I don't get any crashes with AMCap...
  2. I'm having a similar problem, in that EyeLine will pick up my video capture card drivers, but won't display anything in the camera boxes. I am using a 4-ch PCI video capture card that uses a Conexant Fusion 878A chip. I have posted responses to Clades' troubleshooting questions in the hope that someone out there can help me! I have, and the camera image is displayed no problem. The software was made by AVerMedia, but didn't do what I needed. The drivers are being displayed in Device Manager. Originally I used the ARGUS drive that came with the PCI card, but that bluescreen'd whenever I opened any video capture program. I am now using a generic Conexant 878A driver. Yes, I am running a generic eBay DVR card. Is there anything wrong with that? I thought the more generic, the better. What is recommended (within reasonable price range)? It has a single chip that reads Conexant Fusion 878A. I hope someone out there can help solve my problem of nothing showing on the camera based on these questions! I look forward to any response. Many thanks, Mr. Romano
  3. Hi guys, I am new to Eyeline, but so far I am impressed at both the quality and generosity of NCH. Now, I am trying to set up a very basic 4 channel CCTV surveillance system. However, I do not want the confirmation exit message to appear when the user tries to close the program (it reads, 'Do you want Eyeline to continue recording in the background?'). Ideally, I want it to be configured so that when the user presses the close button, it completely exits the program. Is there any way to configure this? I look forward to any replies. Many thanks, Mr. Romano
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