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    Thanks for the email tip Graham, it seems to work fine! I have an excel file listing of my inventory, does anyone know if it can be imported by the program? I see the individual items have a .dat extension, not sure how they work, but I can't see any way round, it would save heaps of typing if it were possible? Cheers to all, Pete
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    Hi Graham. This is quite a nice program from what i have seen, I am not an accountant type, pretty hopeless with figures, which is why I found this program. Thank you NCH. Sorry, I can't help you with your problem, I don't know enough about it to help. Possibly you may be able to help me. A. Is there any way to check if emailed invoices have gone out? (Don't know if non-payers have received them) B. I'm no accountant, but how do you roll over end of month and start with a fresh sheet showing zero balances? I should explain, I closed my old business, just kept 11 customers, don't want to offend by asking if invoices received. Couple more minor things, can't think of now. Will write again. Best wishes to all, Pete
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