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    Debut x64?

    I am using windows vista (currently). I have a vx-1000 webcam that (I bought it for my xp-pro computer I built) has a sucky microphone on it (alot of static) with the microsoft program (don't download the 2.04v download the 2.9 windows 7 version for this webcam). With this program I was able to bypass the webcam mic and select my AC-200 (I don't remember where or when or brand) headset mic using the options menu. The video properties (for adjustments) can be accessed from my taskbar or from the webcam program itself. I only crashed the program and my computer once from this program (so far) but its working fine now (it may have needed to reboot to set it in). I don't like to reboot my computer and leave it running 24/7 and only reboot if absolutely necessary. I set the Options (on mine), Record; Video Device: Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000, Capture Sound: Sound Device: Microphone (Realtek High Definition .. , Audio Input: Windows Record Mixer, Record Volume: Windows Mixer. If this helps anyone then thats great! Because this program has helped me. I don't have that crummy static on the VX-1000 microphone no more and I can use my headset microphone instead. Now my voice on the recordings are not all garbled up! Cyberthrope.
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