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  1. Thanks for your reply Bruce. Is it an XP or Vista system? If XP, do you have Service Pack 2 or later installed? XP - Service Pack 3. Are you able to run other simple video editing programs, like VideoSpin? I can run several other simple programs, including Windows Movie Maker, VideoEditMaster, and various file-type converters. I thought you might have led me to an alternative, but with VideoSpin at 162 Mb, I'll have to pass. Can you view the videos you are trying to edit using media players like VLC and Windows Media Player? Yes. Actually, I have no problem converting files and editing them with Windows Movie Maker and then converting them again to my desired format. It's just that I have been impressed with other NCH programs (Wavepad, Switch, etc) that I wanted the whole collection, including VideoPad. I have even downloaded it from different sources and re-installed it 3 times (after unistalling the previous version), but the program continues to not import. If I say "Import," I get a popup window with the file I have selected, and I can play it. Then I select "Add to footage," and nothing gets added anywhere. I have tried designating various "footage files," but that does no good as the files I designate never appear anywhere. Thanks, Allen
  2. Well, nobody knows what I'm doing wrong, or nobody cares, or everyone thinks this is simply too basic a question. Anyway, the program doesn't import/add anything, so it's useless to me! Too bad - because I really like ALL of the OTHER NCH stuff. My VideoPad now has a date with the RECYCLE BIN. Allenapc
  3. I just installed VideoPad. ALL ATTEMPTS to import/add a file result in Nothing Happening. I have used "Import" and "Add file" and every action I can find, but the VideoPad just sits there looking like it did when I first opened it (no pictures, file names, etc). When i choose "Import footage," and select a file (.wmv or .flv or .avi), the footage appears in a pop-up window - but NOTHING I do can get it into the VideoPad screen. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Allenapc
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