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  1. Hi, I have a webpage showing for frames like this: <frameset border=1 bordercolor="#ff0000" rows=120,* cols="210,*"> <frame src="logo.htm" name="content"> <frame src="StormForm.Aspx" name="content"> <frame src="http://Webstorm:35555/123flashchat-lite.html?init_room=1&init_user=John&init_password=&width=202&height=500" name="content"> <frame src=""'>" name="content"> </frameset> If I call this page, the Screenstream frame remain entry. If I next call up the same URL ( directly (either in the same or even another tab), it works perfectly. Furthermore, if you naviagte back it immediately shows in the frame as well. This is annoying as we plan to use it for a larger audience. so having to open a second page isn't ideal. Thanks for your help! Kees Buth
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