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  1. can i use : Dialogic® D/41JCT-LS Combined Media Board , with IVM Answering Attendant Software ? http://www.dialogic.com/products/tdm_boards/media_processing/D41JCT_Boards.htm thanks
  2. thats what i am currently doing , but its not practical at all .
  3. our server does not permit to exchange all kind of audio attachements ? is it possible to recieve a text email showing only the link to the recorded audio file for each call ?
  4. CAHTA Boards - USB version has RJ-14 Jacks , which not compatable for my country ! any idea where to buy one with RJ-11 jack or Handset jack british standard compatable ?
  5. a61a

    IVM FINALLy working

    send me a copy please ... thank you a61a@msn.com
  6. i installed a usb external modem (U.S.Robotics 56K Faxmodem 64-005633-00R) . but the program cant see the modem , although the modem is installed sucsessfully ?!
  7. is it possible to send the recorded wave file to more than 1 email address , and how ?
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