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  1. Well, i found the problem ! ineturl have a bug... as you can see after "plugin return nextogm=r11" and "00:12:00 Plugin returned so skip to end" there is a lot of space... probleme solved when i have modified the php script... thanks a lot
  2. hello, no answer ? guru ?
  3. hello, i am using ivm 4.08 for testing before buying. i have 27 OGM is there a limit ? because i have system prompt goodby when %nextogm% is returned. take a look : 00:11:53 Answered line [1000 "Simulator Line"] call number [28] cid [5555555555] did[simulator] drn[0 (0ms)] 00:11:53 Run plugin: C:\ivm\ineturl.exe http://novatecweb.com/payboxprod1.php?nocc...=&nfacture= 00:11:53 Play file: C:\Program Files\eChanblard\Incoming\10 - Chien en mwen.mp3 00:12:00 Plugin returned: NUMTRANS=0000000000&NUMAPPEL=0000000000&NUMQUESTION=0000000000&SITE=1999888&RANG=99&
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