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  1. I have been able to translate a VHS taped to DVD file which was then converted/burned using Prisim Video converter. I used Taiyo Uden DVD-R blanks and Linksys DVD-R blanks. Neither DVD would play using a Sony DVD Player. I had previously used ULEAD 2.0 One DVD reported as "Dirty Disk" and the other never truly started or scanned. Anyone have any Ideas? I would really like this software to work, as I have a lot of friends that would definitely use it.
  2. What software are you using to create the CD? I use Roxio after I have converted or downloaded the mp3 files, then I create the CD uning the "Music CD" settings not the MP3 settings. This works fine for most CD players (I did run across a CD player in a car that would not play a burned CD - had to be commercial only!). I believe most CD players use the .wav format for their music. Hope this helps. :-)
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