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Setting ESC as a hot key.

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RobMat    0



I'm new to Express Scribe.

I've been using a transcription tool online that pretty much did the job, but it crashes with long audio files.

So I'm switching to Express Scribe. However, since I have internalized the shortcuts for that tool online already, I would like to replicate them on Express Scribe.

I'm setting most of the hotkeys successfully. However, I can't replicate the most important of them.

On the online tool I've been using to date -- ESC would both play & pause the audio recording.

BUT Express Scribe doesn't allow to use a single key for two different commands (Play & Pause) AND when you try to set the ESC key as a hotkey in the dialog box, ESC acts like it should... it closes the dialog box!


Is there any workaround to set the ESC key for both Play & Pause commands?

Thank you in advance!

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N_C_H_josh    0

When you map your Hot-Keys, you should be able to map one to "Play (With Pausing)" but you won't be able to map the ESC key. You'd have to use another key.

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RobMat    0

I must have explained myself poorly.

I was looking for a way to integrate the play/pause in a single key.

Too bad we can't map ESC.


Thank you for the answer though.

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