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I have successfully sliced an 11 hour talking book into around 100 tracks, using a 5 second silence criterion. Windows Explorer shows the files in correct numerical order in the output folder on my HD, and I have confirmed all is well by playing them from there using Windows Media Player. So far, so good.


However, when I transfer the tracks to a Creative Zen Vision M MP3 player, the first track plays but then all subsequent tracks play in reverse order! They have somehow been renumbered (ie 104 becomes 2, 103 becomes 3 etc) in the process of transfer. This does not happen with my Sony Walkman. I realise this is probably not a 'Slice' problem, but would be grateful for any suggestions.

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wow, I am having the same problem, I play my talk audio files in my vehicle on a JVC player via usb and it keeps playing the tracks any way it wants too. But on the laptop everything is in order.

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