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Prism's Failure to convert .mov files to DV- AVI i

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I purchased Prism to convert high definition(HD)quality .mov files to DV -AVI fully non compressed with the quality preserved.


So far I have failed. None of the conversions can give me that quality.


Both the sound and video quality are considerably degraded.


Any suggestions?


Donagh :mellow:

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considered buying Prism has having problems with .mkv containers on a mac platform...


I can max get 9000b/s in video-resolution....this is almost close to a dual-layer DVD but degrades the blue-ray versions....


most important problem is however the issue with the Audio - it doesn't seem to support ACC 6channel but downgrades to 2channel......i've set all of the preferences to maximum but doesn't seem to help....


Is this a bug, not-supported feature yet or user-error?


Happy to buy program but would like it to work first....




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