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Using Axon and VRS codec changes from G729 to G711


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I am currently running an AXON PBX with a Linksys 3102 and also some VOIP Talk lines and a connection to my companies VOIP Switch.


All the connections work fine incoming and outgoing.


The problem i have is that when i try recording calls going out on the VOIPSwitch lines the VRS software changes the codec from g729 to G711 and the VOIP switch can not handle that (g711 uses to much bandwidth when you got 980 connections, from the tech at the VOIP switch end).


Anyone have any ideas on how to get VRS working with the g729 codec.




p.s im using cisco 7912 phones

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VRS does not support G.729, in fact none of NCH's software does. This is because the codec is proprietary (i.e. you need to pay a license to use it), and NCH has decided to only use free/open codecs in its software.


If you wish to conserve bandwidth, consider using the GSM codec. It uses hardly any bandwidth (i.e. less than G.729), is compatible with VRS and provides suitable quality for most scenarios.


Another codec to consider is G.726 (although I'm not 100% sure VRS supports it, you can give it a try). Like G.729 I believe it provides good audio quality using a reasonable amount of bandwidth.

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