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Newbe questions for MAC version


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I just purchased the MAC version of the software and have run into two problems/questions. I have a MacBook Air (in case that makes a difference) running OS X 10.5.4 .


1) When I try to do a "Save As" I am prompted for the place to save but, nothing gets saved when I click Save. I can save to a file using a "Send" with the destination assigned to a directory. Am I doing something wrong? What should the file format be? There doesn't appear to be a format option on the save screen.


2) When saving to a directory using the "Send" function, there seem to be only two formats (.dct and .wav). I was under the impression that other formats were available (ex: MP3). Are other formats available? If not, are there plans to implement them on the MAC version?


3) I can't figure out how to add a Note to an entry. What is the magic, the help doesn't seem to help.


Any help would be appreciated :rolleyes:


Sorry that I forgot to post this in the MAC section


... It's been 6 days and no reply .... is anyone out there that knows anything about the software? Just hoping to get a response and 6 days seems like a reasonable amount of time. :rolleyes:

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