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Axon Transfer to IVM Mailbox not working


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Currently Axon & IVM & IMS is working great, except this:


A caller is greeted by the OGM, a number is selected from the caller & is transferred to ring on the desired extension. In Axon it is setup to 'Use voice mail if not answered or busy' after 10 secs (on each extension), to dial on extension 199. I have manually setup a few mailboxes for these extensions in IVM.


- Whats happening: A caller selects the extension via the OGM, the extension rings but keeps on ringing way after 10 secs & doesnt get redirected to the extension (IVM) on 199.


In Axon>Extensions, ive noticed the extension 199 for voicemail doesnt register to look something like:



expires at 12:58:58


- Call Attendant & On hold player, extensions, etc register ok, is IVM meant to register like these also?


- Any Ideas why Axon (or E.Talk) arent redirecting the call to the mailbox after 10 secs?


Axon version: 2.0

IVM version: 4.08

E.Talk version: 3.08

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Hi All . . . Have been playing around with settings in Axon & IVM... My latest finding with IVM is if one of the lines are selected to only accept '1' concurrent call & i create a new line called 'Voice Mail' & give it the extension ID '199' then it registers with Axon as an extension as sip: 199@.. ... .. .... expires: ... .... ... I called my phone No & selected the extension via the OGM, was directed correctly, rang for 10 secs then the call was re-directed to 199 (like it should) but 199 is a line which when called plays the OGM...... :unsure:


I cant see any option to make the new line (which is called Voice Mail) go to the actual Voice Mail (when redirected). Did something go wrong in the installation? ... or Have I not configured something properly... from what the site (http://www.nch.com.au/ivm/screenshots.html) says.. using figure 1 (called Main Window) it lists in the LOG 198 & 199 as being registered with Axon. Mine doesnt do this, only lists 198@.......


Is IVM designed to run as a single service or is it capable of running Voice Mail & Call Attendant together?


Whats the difference between: # Download IVM (Primary Server ivmsetup.exe - 720K) & # Download IVM (Secondary Server ivm.zip) ??

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By default all IVM extensions will point to the same OGM (the OGM set as the default OGM in the main window).


You can however specify a different OGM for each line in the Line Properties (in IVM's Settings) and this will allow you to run a Voice Mail, Call Attendant and whatever else at the same time.


P.S. There shouldn't be any difference between the two downloads, the secondary server is a mirror. In the event that the file is not available on NCH's primary server (e.g. removed, moved, or too much demand), the installation file can be alternatively downloaded from the secondary server.

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