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Orphan Files in CURRENT


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I am having a real problem of late with users submitting their dictations and once the Transcription supervisor passes them out to the transcriptionists with Delegate the audio and text headers are wrong. For example, we will have a file that should be for Bob Jones and it has the audio for Sue Smith.


When I start looking into the users in question, I am finding old .dau files still sitting in their CURRENT directory. In some cases I am seeing quite a few files. When I check the SEND directory, I am finding some files that are already there, although the file sizes appear different.


We are currently saving to a network user share that they have full control over. Big problem I have understanding this, is that it doesn't happen every day or to all dictations for a day. In most cases, it does cascade down for the day.


HELP. This is really getting annoying.


Tim Parker

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