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"Caller pressed key [A]" What does it means?


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I looked for, in the manual, the signification of "Caller pressed key [A]" that appears in my logs in IVM, but I didn't find!


What's that? for my outcoming calls i give 3 functions :


1- the ogm repeat

2- to listen again the commercial contact

3- to receive the message no more


And when I test, I call one of my phone numbers and when I press 1,2,3, so 1,2,3 appears in my logs.


what's correspond to [A]?



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What most people don't know is the analogue telephone standard doesn't just include the numbers 0-9, asterisk (star) and number sign (pound/hash).


There are four additional buttons that are part of the standard: A, B, C, D.


There are very very few telephones in existence today which have these buttons on them, but they are technically part of the standard and therefore IVM is set-up to detect A, B, C and D key presses.


To my knowledge, the only organizations actively using A, B, C, and D buttons are some military operations where the keys are used to signal to the PBX the priority of the call (e.g. officer could enter A before the number to get first priority on outgoing calls).


If I remember correctly, I think the tones are also sometimes used by some home alarm systems to communicate with the central station (improves response time since there are 16 unique tones that can be sent to signal a message rather than 12).


Other than that, the A, B, C, D keys are pretty much obsolete and non-existent.

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