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New to all this

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Just downloaded the free Express Rip...tried it and like it..it works, including the CD info, which is what I wanted.

A couple of questions that might be easier to get answers here...

Why did it d/l Express Rip PLUS? I didn't want that version.

Is this ENTIRELY free? What will disappear after 14 days? Will I still be able to convert CDs to MP3?

When I d/l the Express Rip, it also downloaded a bunch of other stuff, like WavePad Masters Edition, and some other stuff that appears in add/remove programs. Can I delete all that without disturbing Express Rip?

Thanks in advance for replies...

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If you downlaoded from the product page that only has a downlaod link for Plus, you will downlaod Plus. If you go to the Sitemap, there are different links for the free version and plus version.

Anyways, the Plus version will have all features enables for the first 14 days then it will prompt you to say do you want to upgrade, if you say no it will give you the free version. Ive sen tyou the free version link in your other post.

You can go into Control panel > add remove programs and delete anything else that was downloaded and it will not interfere with E Rip.


Hope that helps

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