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Crackling sound when recording

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I'm using registered version of SoundTap 1.4 on WinXP SP2 machine. Often when I try to make a recording, there is a crackling sound (kind of like loud scratchy static) that is heard over the computer speakers and picked up on the recording. It ruins the recording. It doesn't happen every time, and sometimes it kicks in after the recording is in progress. Any suggestions on eliminating this unwanted interference would be appreciated.

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I just found this program today and for some music capturing from the web I have the same issue. I suspect it is because the audio input is to high. I was looking on this forum to see if it is normal for SoundTap to lock your system volume on max because the OS X version is doing that for me when the program is running. If the audio stream I am trying to capture has a volume control I've been able to eliminate the crackling but some streaming audio doesn't provide any control other than play and pause and those always crackle.

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