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Prism Video Converter Issue

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I have been using Prism Video Converter for a few days and yesterday it refuses to convert anything.


I am using Windows Vista and first of all it seemed that Prism Video Converter worked perfectly converting all my files.


Yesterday I couldn't convert any video's as it told me it was unable to create the output file, which has never been an issue before.


I reinstalled it and I have the same issue, i don't understand what has changed, since it worked fine before.


I am using the desktop to locate the input and output files.


Any help at all would be appreciated.

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I have the same kind of problem :


I want to convert video to .avi format.

when i use MP4(native) and MP3(native) it works fine (output folder is the desktop)

But, as my tv mediabox doesn't decode Prism native codec (FFmpeg/ffdshow ISO MPEG-4), I want to use XVID or DIVX codec.

When I select XVID or DIVX codec : I get the error message : "could not setup output file" (the destination foder is the same that worked before)


Does anyone achieve to convert to avi format using external codecs as XVID or DIVX ?


Extra question : When I select XVID or DIVX Video codec, I can't select MP3 as audio codec ... it turns the video codec to MP4 (native) ...

How can I do ?



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