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Debut Frame Rate Problem


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No matter what frame rate I set Debut 1.34 to, the program will never record at the frame rate I specify. It always fluctuates between 11 and 8 frames per second, and it almost never goes above 11. Is there a way I can get Debut to record at 30fps?

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Guest N.C.H a.n
I had this problem until I plugged my computer into the battery power! Now it works at 30 fps! For some reason it will only operate at this speed when the computer is charging.



Most laptops default power settings are set to limit the CPU power when running on batteries (run the computer slower) so that battery power lasts longer. When you plug it into the power, it will change to the AC power settings that are set to full speed. (you can change these settings but your computer won't run as long on battery power)


FPS for screen capture is limited by the power of your computer. the faster the computer, the more fps you will get.

FPS for a camera is limited by the camera, the type of connection, and cpu power. (eg: it is difficult to get 30fps out of a webcam connected via usb 2.0 due to bandwidth limitations) the most fps I have gotten on my PC while recording from a webcam is 29 fps. (dual core 3.4 pentium [a core2 duo would be better], 2 gig ddr2 667, geforce 9400 gt, IJK Webcam from www.ijk.com.au, sata 2 hdd)



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I have a problem and it wont let me start my own thread so sorry for this but i gotta post it here as it seems like the most relevant thread.



I am using a Dazzle DVC100 DVD Recorder.


I bought it with the intention of capturing my Xbox 360 gameplay to my pc where it would be saved as a video file where i can edit etc.


Ok so the way i am working it is i have the drivers installed for the hardware.


Then i downloaded "Amcap".


I set the Video Capture Filter to SECAM_B then loaded "Debut"


So the preview is in colour and everything seems to be fine.


I click record and it seems to be fine for around 20-30 seconds before it starts to pause and skip almost every second.


Here is a video of a recording i made. As you will also notice it won't record sound, but i've heard thats because only the original pinnacle software will capture the sound with a dazzle recorder but im not sure.


My Video Recording- Problems


I noticed at times the frame rate was really low, sometimes at 5 FPS.


Processor is- Intel® Pentium® 4 3.00GHz 2.99GHz -That's what it says i'm not really fluent in computer language :P lol


Also it records for about 2-3 minutes before telling me there was an error and i should check my encoding settings or something similar to that.



Any help is appreciated :)

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