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Outbound VoIP provider multi-line


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Axon does not restrict the number of concurrent calls. If your VoIP provider allows for 4 simultaneous outbound calls, then Axon should automatically allow for this as well without any additional configuration necessary.

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who is your voip? I am looking for something like this and am not sure of different people for sip outgoing?



iam useing callcentric but (yes the big BUT) they changed a little and not for the better on outbound calls.

you get three trunks (meaning three calls at one line with one number) if you make more then one outbound call at the same time the second or third outbound call will be charged at the current per minute rate and not the unlimited plan you purchase.


But they have great quality so far.


they do support VOIP 911, ad you will be charged for this service if you want it or not.


hope this helps

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