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Issues using IVM when making outgoing calls


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I will be using the IVM system primarily to make outgoing calls to a client list. I am using a Vista system with a Zoom 3030 modem. I am testing the system by having it dial my cell phone. The IVM can dial out, but if I don't pick up it does not go to voice mail and doesn't leave a message. If I do pick up I only hear silence and after 30sec (the length of my test message) it cuts off as normal. Other info/settings:

Settings-Audio Tab

Play device - Modem#1

Call announce and call screen - default



Settings for Outbound Autodial Calls

Call Answer Detect Settings

Ringing silence detect time (ms) 4100

Voice silence detect time (ms) 4000

Ringing or busy time out 25 sec

Answer detect fail time out 25 sec

Assume answering machine if longer than 8sec


I did change the voice silence setting from its default value. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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