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Express Delegate - AutoMatic Transfer


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I have multiple dictators sending their work to a common shared network drive. I then am trying to use Express Delegate (v 3.00) to automatically transfer the jobs between multiple transcriptionists. It seems as though Express Delegate is working okay if I only have a one-to-one relationship between dictators and typists.


The help file from Dictate says: "... it is possible to set the priority of each dictation. You can set express delegate (to) detect this priority and transfer files with low, normal or high priorities to different destinations"


The problem is, when I try to setup Automatic Transfer "rules". For example:

Sender ID Recipient File Criteria

123456 Robin Low Normal Priority

123456 Vonnie High Priority


The above example is how I would like to have it configured, so that any HIGH priority jobs will go to Vonnie, and LOW or Normal jobs will go to Robin. What happens however is that I can create the rule for Robin okay, but as soon as I create the rule for Vonnie and select only High priority; BOTH rules change, and now the Recipient for both points to Vonnie.


The end result is that for any one dictator, only one typist can get all of the jobs automatically transferred to her.


Any help with this feature would be appreciated.

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