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ExpressTalk Crash on call

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I was able to use the trial BE version of ExpressTalk with our VoIP setup but the app expired and I forgot about it. Recently the need came up to use it so I came back and paid for the license only to find out that the app doesn't work anymore.


I can use SIPCommunicator to place calls and talk so I know that the server and my network are OK.


With ExpressTalk, when I place a call, the other party rings, then the application crashes in a rather funky way as soon as the other party picks up.




This is on Mac OS 10.5.3. I did notice the app is only PPC; I don't care as long as it works but I'm starting to wonder if this product has been abandoned. I tried contacting Support but never heard back from them.


Is anybody having this problem?



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It's a bit strange if it only works on PPC considering this product is primarily built to run on Intel based PCs (meaning it'd be a lot easier for them to port it to Intel Macs).


If indeed it only runs on PPC, I would have to take a guess and say the Mac version probably a bit old and has a low demand, thus is not being actively worked on to resolve bugs and provide updates.


I don't have a mac, so I can't really test the software.. however I do have an OS X Intel vmware emulator and every time I try and run Express Talk it takes up 100% CPU and I literally can't do anything (I can see the GUI but the app is basically frozen solid).

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