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Nortel CallPilot .vbk file conversion to .wav or .mp3 or any other format


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Can anybody help me find a tool that can convert the .vbk nortel callpilot audio file format to any other generic .wav or .mp3 or .amr or any other audio file format?


VoiceBridge Software Solutions has a software tool (Voice Message Forwarding) that automatically (upon arrival of a voicemail, extracts .vbk files from the CallPilot (and Nortel BCM systems), converts them to .wav, then emails them to the address of the User's choice complete with key metadata elements. Most Users get them on their smartphones and listen to them locally. The other solution, OnLine Voicemail is a browser-based Voice Message management tool that avoids the User having to call in repeatedly (and expensively). Voicemails (.vbk files) are managed in a browser list, including functions: Listen; Download; Forward; Mark as Read/Unread; and Delete. Best of all the built RSS feed lets Users be notified of incoming voicemails via their RSS Reader of choice.

To download the software for a free 30 day trial (no credit cards required up front), go to www,VBKTOWAV.com.

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