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Unable to mirror recordings to network share


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Hi all


We have VRS on a laptop here for monitoring radio traffic.


On our laptops, the default location the user stores their data to is My Documents, which is actually a network share (\\server\username). This share is also available to the user offline, so their personal data is portable. When the user gets back online, the offline cache syncs back to the server. Works a treat. Both online and offline this network location can be referenced either by drive letter (in our environment this is drive O), or by URL - \\server\username.


In VRS, we've left the default save location for the recordings as C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\NCH Swift Sound\VRS\Recordings.


However, for security, we want the files in the user's My Docs, so that they're sync'd with the server (for obvious backup purposes).


In Channel Options, on the Transmit tab, I've ticked the box 'Mirror all recordings to this folder' and have entered the path to the folder I wish to use (\\server\username\RadioRecordings)


However, the problem I'm experiencing is that once a recording completes, I get the following error:


Unable to mirror file to: \\server\username\RadioRecordings

Please check your:

- The user privileges both on the destination folder and drive

- The destination folder\access modifier is allowed

- Your network login details if the destination folder is a networked drive

NB: Mapped drives will not work if you are running as a service

Mirroring failed with error 5: Access is denied


Clearly the user has permissions to his own home folder.


What could be causing this error? I've probably missed something really simple! I get the same error regardless of whether I try to mirror to a URL or mapped drive letter.


I've searched the forums but found no similar issue.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I have the same problem on a new installation. We have previously used an erlier version wich did not have this problem, but it seems they have added some options regarding running as service wich now ruins the normal autostart ability. I did manage to solve it by disabling the VRS service from running, but then you have to add the program shortcut to the autostart folder. This now means that every the user logs on the program window comes up and have to clicked away. Before it would just start with the tray icon.


I would appriciate to hear from someone regarding a possible solution to this.

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