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Do all digital dictaphones work with Express Dictate?


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Can anyone confirm whether or not Express Dictate is able to read audio files from all digital dictaphones or is there a compatibility list available?




Let me give you a customer insight on that point... ED is supposed to work with any digital dictaphones, wether they create dss, wma, msv or any other file format.

But the truth is that it only works some times.... We are a medical ranscription organization, and tried to use ED; we even paid for a special customised development of ED.

If some of our clients do well under ED, some others keep on having problems when using ED with a portable device such as Philips Digital Pocket Memo, Grunding Digta or Olympus devices. To give you an example, some of our clients can not load dss files into ED for an unknown reason...Which result in simply not beeing able to install them! Which, as you may understand, is a serious problem for us. Others did well during a certain time and suddenly had problems such as older files replacing newly dictated files...

And to be completely honest, NCH support team has not yet been able to find a solution to our issues...


So if you are thinking of using ED as a personnal user, on a single computer, you may try it, and you will see if it works or not. If you are willing to sell and install several licences, beware, since the software doesn't seem to be really "stable".



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