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Burning Recordpad recordings to CD


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I've recently downloaded Recordpad to convert some old tapes to CD. I've done a number of recordings which Windows Explorer tells me together come to 234mb. Yet when I try to burn them to CD, Nero tells me they come to over 1,000mb and so there's not enough space, and Windows also tells me 'not enough space' and that I'll need another disc(s). The 6 files are all about 40mb, and approximately 40-45 minutes long and I'm confident there is no disputing their size, yet I just can't record them on to a normal 700mb CD. The CD is brand new and checking 'properties' confirms that there is 702 mbs of free space.


Anyone have any ideas? If anyone can help, I'm not very technical so an explanation in layman's terms would be much appreciated!



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yeah, NERO is still smoking somethin' from way back.


I got those screwed up messages too


It probably is buried in the header that you can't see, some kind of code that nch uses that nero misinterprets


you'll need Express Burn


try it, it's free to try...

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I'm assuming that the files are in MP3 format - you said they are approximately 1 MB/minute, which is about equivalent to a 128kbits/sec MP3 compression. And considering that you're trying to "convert to CD", I'm guessing that you're trying to record them as an audio CD (as opposed to a Data CD). An audio CD only holds 74 minutes worth of audio, and it's in an uncompressed format. Nero is capable of converting those MP3's into an uncompressed format suitable for burning to an audio CD, and is probably calculating the uncompressed file size. Try burning one at a time (if you haven't already) and I think you'll find success.

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