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AAC PLUS to mp3 conversion.

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Guest psyclemania

I found and D/L switch to try as a conversion program, but it didnt work for what I wanted. I stream capture internet radio (WOXY.com) in a format called AAC PLUS. Winamp opens/plays/streams this format just fine. I can listen to the stream, I can play the captured *.aac files and all that. What I use this capture for is to load on my portable mp3 player for when I run (which doesnt deal with aac files). I can output to mp3 using winamp, but I am trying to find a more elegant solution. Thus "Switch", but I installed it, ran it, asked it to convert a aac to mp3, it went out and installed the aac codec from what I can tell. Then it said it could not open the input file. WOXY broadcasts in something they call AAC PLUS. Is this somehow different from standard AAC? Is there a way to get switch to handle this? I would gladly buy a copy if I can get it to dance with me the way I want.

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