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Recordpad wants me to buy software again every3-days

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Help Folks!


I bought RecordPad and have been using it for recording my e-book (for a "books on tape" digital product).


Everything was great until I started getting messages saying my trial period was up and I had to now buy the software. I had already bought it. Plus, when I type in my RecordPad Pro License, Registration, and Activation Code, sent to me by e-mail from the company it say's what I type in is incorrect. Very maddening!


Because this project is so important an a deadline is looming, I went ahead and BOUGHT IT AGAIN!


So what happened a few days later... that's right the message was back. Now I really don't want to have to keep buying this software again every few days. What a silly bug!


I have almost completed all of my recording and only have a little more to go.


But I am a computer and software Dummy, so I don't know what to do, to make sure the stuff already recorded is safe (I am trying to download it to my website server)>


Anyone else:


1. Every have this problem too!


2. Have any suggestions how I can fix it.


3. I have sent an e-mail to support and I am waiting for a response.


Help folks if you can!





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Guest nchaj

once you purchase an item you dont need to purchase it again unless you want to upgrade.

Check that the error is in fact from Recordpad (along the top blue bar) and not another program


If in the Help Menu > about it says that you are the licensed user then you dont need to purchase any license or enter the details again.

Make sure you do as requested and backup everything you have bought from us.

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