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I have been compiling a CD mix of favorite music, all in the mp3 format. Although the CD player in my car is a newer one and will play music in the mp3 format, my home stereo is older and will not recognize the format. To which format should I convert the mp3 songs so my older stereo will also play the CD?

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I want to add my question also. I have recorded in .wav format and burned the recording to a CD but it won't play. I need to know why and what I could do to convert it so it would play. Thanks.


You have to convert the files to CDA files (CD Audio files). Most CD burning software has this built into it. You have to select "Burn a music CD" or "Audio CD for car or home" when making the disks. Then you drag the files in and the software will convert them into proper audio CD files as it burns the CD. You can't have more than 72-80 minutes of audio no matter how the files were recorded or encoded. All audio files are converted into stereo 44,100 Hz PCM files which all CD players will recognize. Older players can't recognize data CDs with MP3s or WAVs on them as newer players can.

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