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After reading the FAQ's regarding compatible modems I have purchased a Netcomm AM5066 voice/data/fax USB modem (RAVE III).

IVM doesn't seem to recognise the hardware and there is only 1 post in the support section regarding the suggested use of a Rockwell driver.


Has anyone else succesfully used a Netcomm modem for IVM and was it recognised by IVM software?

I used the setup CD-rom to install the correct driver and windows can see it and it is enabled however IVM doesn't recognise it.

Also did the AT#CLS? command and it still says "Command Not Supported".


I know it is definitely a VOICE MODEM and that it does actually work. (just not with IVM software for whatever reason)

Also tried 2 other VOICE MODEMs with the same AT#CLS? result.


I suggest NCH should provide an accurate list of exact modems including model numbers that successfully work with their software.

Very unprofessional!!!


Any comments re: getting voice modems with the correct drivers to work with IVM (especially Netcomm brands)??

(I'm running WinXP SP2 environment)

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Following my previous post - I have figured out a work around solution to get IVM to acknowledge and use the Netcomm modem.

If i use my VOIP settings (voip phone number/pwd) it works, seems to have problems with detecting Netcomm modems on an analogue line (PSTN)


To avoid further windows/driver/modem frustrations I will use the VOIP for IVM answered calls and PSTN analogue phone line for incoming faxes (using Win fax on PC)



For all those out there with Netcomm modems, let me know if you do get them to work using the old analogue PSTN lines.

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