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Broadwave: Is a Dedicated Server Required?


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I'm looking into buying Broadwave for my podcasting and my music site. What I want to know is whether or not Broadwave is a server side application I have to install on my webhost's server, or whether it can run from my desktop PC. If it does run from my PC, are there any RAM, bandwidth or security issues I will have to deal with? Also, if it runs from my PC, don't I have to become a webhost and, if so, how do I go about doing that? I don't have a dedicated server.



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Hi Gary,


I've only just started using Broadwave, but the important thing is that you can run it on a normal PC quite easily. I don't know about the webhost thing, but I assume that you need it locally, as it looks at your local soundcard and audio files.


You'll need a 'net connection, most likely on a fixed IP address, otherwise people won't know where to find your server. Bandwidth-wise, you'd need (for example) 56k upload speed per client, so it depends on how many clients you need and how good the audio quality needs to be. e.g. 56k seems to be OK, but you'll run out of bandwidth quite quickly.


You'll need to either put your server into the DMZ of the router (not recommended) or set up port forwarding. If you want to make it much more secure and you only have a few clients, then run it via a VPN.


I've had about 4 clients running from the Broadwave server at different bitrates and it just works as you'd want it to. The PC does not need to be a dedicated machine, just one that's on all the time. This software is ideal for use as a live server, but if you're just looking to serve your podcasts, you need to put them on a server somewhere and write some .html in order to have them display as an RSS feed from your webpage.


The only snag seems to be that NCH doesn't support you unless you've purchased the software, which is really quite annoying if you're trying to get it running in order to test it prior to purchasing several copies. My company won't buy it until I get the software working, which is a real annoyance as I can't get NCH to help me until I buy the software. (I'm currently trying to get it working on Linux as well as Windows) I've noticed that other people seem to be suffering from the same problems too, so it's not just me who feels a bit left out...!!





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