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Performance and Lag


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I'm running a pretty beefy PC and Eyeline pegs the CPU with two threads, one (system) at 80 +/- % and the other (user) 20 +/- % (Nets to 100%).


Seems to cause lag on images and definately on motion detection/web access. I have tried about all combos of deactivating/limiting image quality/shutting off functions. I've also deacitvated all unnecessary other processes (XP Pro) and without Eyeline running this box is asleep (1% utilization). Memory is fine. Network utilization is low and nothing unusual seen with my sniffer.


Anyone have a fix/ideas?


Also, if you run in motion detect mode, the image sometimes hangs on the motion shot (several minutes later) and or never reupdates dispite the clock spinnin away happily. (Here again I played with the settings.)


Software concept is good and price is right, but I'm not sure I trust it to capture what I need from a security perspective yet.

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What codec are you using to encode the data streams? Maybe this is the issue...If I was to use say Divx 6.0 with insane quality settings this would chew CPU resources, especially if I was running say 4 cameras...Actually under those circumstances combined with motion detection I reckon most PCs would shudder!


Try an uncompressed video codec first off...


Also check that your chipset/video drivers are installed and up to date - VIA drivers are notorious for being installed and windoze not using them, doze sticking with the M$ provided ones. In this case you have to do a manual search for the drivers to use them for IDE/USB etc. Of course I have zero knowledge of your proficiency with a PC so I am assuming basic user level...(oh - I see you mention a network sniffer so you must be power/uber level)


Check your drivers, PC temps (maybe your heat is ramping up and the C1E/Speedstep functions of the BIOS are throttling back your system to protect it - if your CPU/FSB drops in speed the utilisation will go up), voltages (if your CPU voltage drops quite a bit under load, you probably have C1E turned on in the BIOS - turn it off)


Without knowing how Eyeline is coded, I would also say that there is a chance the motion detection routine runs on the encoded video streams, which would take a fair bit of CPU resources due to having to render the video streams after them being encoded. There are a few DVR programs out there that do exactly this...


Then again, everything NCH does seems to be streamlined - as evidenced by the small binaries they provide for their programs! So I could easily be wrong about at what point they analyse the motion...


I'm a fan of their ideals - simple programs that do what you want and nothing else, with no bloat.


So I guess I'm saying rule out any problems that might not directly be the fault of Eyeline first - BIOS, heat, drivers (MB/Video), video codecs. Rule all these things out and you have isolated the problem pretty well directly to Eyeline.


Hope this helps!

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