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stop prompting when customers start typing


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I don't believe you can do this.


The best thing to do is keep the message short (e.g. 'Please enter your pin' or 'Please enter your credit card number'). By doing this, most callers will wait until the end of the message anyway before inputting a data string. If the message is too long, callers could 1) become confused and 2) start inputing while the message is still going on.


The second thing to do is to determine an appropriate repeat value. If users are only expected to enter a pin number (3-5 digits), then the repeat time could be as low as 8 seconds. If the entry is 6-8 digits, around 16 seconds is more appropriate. For larger numbers (e.g. credit cards), boost the time to around 25-30 seconds. Note that entries where callers are expected to know the value to enter off by heart (e.g. 'Enter your phone number', 'Enter your zip code', 'Enter your pin') can have slightly faster time-outs to entries that require callers to refer to a piece of paper for example (e.g. 'Enter your account number', 'Enter your credit card number', expect callers to use an extra 3 or more seconds to find it on paper/card, remember the first set of digits, enter that, next set of digits, enter that etc.).


Always make sure the * key allows the caller to go back, or at least repeat the instructions should they forget or not hear correctly.

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