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hi all.

sorry mi bad english. I am italian.

have a problem, please help me. My ivm version is 4.01. (enterprise license)

I have to format the computer because I have problems. I do not have a copy of back up software to make the reinstallation. where I can find for download?




For italian user: volevo chiedere agli utilizzatori italiani di questo software se siete disponibili a creare una sorta di community per lo scambio di consigli tecnici sull'utilizzo di ivm.

sto raccogliendo le adesioni.

scrivetemi qui: pachanga29chiocciolahotmail.it

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4.01 is a very obsolete version, since then several new releases with bug fixes and additional features have been made available. Perhaps you should consider upgrading to the latest version (4.08) with special discount pricing using this link: http://nch.com.au/upgrade/


I'm not sure how many people have 4.01 lying around though. Your best bet is to try and find an old shareware site that happens to have a copy of it still up for grabs. Otherwise, I guess you can wait around for bit here and see if anyone else has it.

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