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How to Call park with Axon ?


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Hi Everyone

I'm trying to simulate the call park feature on my Axon box , since it doesn't do it natively , and I wanted to know if anyone out there found a smart way to do this ???? :huh:

I tried to use IMS as music on hold provider/park extension. When I configure IMS as an extension , I cannot retrieve the call. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Well you're right Axon doesn't support this feature natively, so I've decided to put my thinking cap on until I can come up with a solution.



Ok I thought for a while, and I think there may be a way to simulate a call parking system using IVM. If it works, you have to understand it will be a pretty limited in functionality, but at least it should work.


My idea is, have an extension set-up with IVM which goes to an OGM that runs a plug-in which will store a variable (e.g. callParked) and set it to true for future use. Then the OGM will be set to go to another OGM that plays a short 'on hold' music loop or message and at the same time will run a plug-in and checks for a NextOGM return value. This OGM should be set to repeat itself indefinitely, and should only be about 10 seconds long or less (you want it to keep checking in with the plug-in).


The plug-in will need to store some data globally (e.g. to a text file). The basic idea is the plug-in will keep track of 2 variables (e.g. callParked and pickupExt). When a call comes in for the first time (to the 'intro' OGM) the plug-in will set the callParked variable to true. Then in the next repeating OGM, each time the plug-in runs, it will check to see if the callParked variable is true. If it is true, it should return something irrelevant (e.g. setting an unused variable to a value) so it doesn't interfere, and the OGM will continue to repeat itself. If however the plug-in checks and callParked is false, then it will return NextOGM with value 'parkcallback' (see below) and a global variable (for IVM) called pickupExt.


Now there should be another extension ('2nd extension') set-up in IVM. When someone calls into this 2nd extension, it should run the plug-in and set callParked to false and then pickupExt to the cid (caller ID) variable (this will tell the plug-in who phoned into the 'unpark' extension (2nd extension).


Now the 'parkcallback' OGM will be set to transfer the call to the global pickupExt variable that was set by the 2nd IVM extension's OGM, so that when a caller calls into the 2nd IVM extension and then hangs-up, IVM will send the parked call to the parkcallback OGM which will then call back the person who just called the 2nd IVM extension and let them speak to the previously parked caller.





Ok, you probably didn't understand a word I just said.. After re-reading I realize I just kept rambling on. But here is a summary of how such a system should perform:



- You can park a call by transferring it to an IVM extension

- While the call is parked, you can play a small music loop/message (I wouldn't use anything >10 sec though)

- You can call into another IVM extension to let IVM know to unpark the call (you call in, then hang-up, then IVM will transfer the parked call to your extension)

- You can pick-up/unpark the call from any extension, not just where you parked it

- You can set-up a time-out for the OGM to have IVM automatically transfer back a parked call if it is left abandoned too long



- Limited to 1 parked call at a time (you could have more by re-creating the same system twice, but you would have to send the second caller to the second parking system if the first one is use, and you wouldn't be able to tell if it was).

- Limited MOH (music on hold) capabilities (you won't be able to use IMS, and the music/message has to be short enough that the plug-in is checked often i.e. <10 sec, if you use music (recommended) it should be a 8-10 second loop)

- Unparking isn't as convenient as a native parking system. You'll have to phone in to an extension, hang-up and wait up to 10 seconds (as long as the OGM message is) for the unpark call to come in.


Despite the cons, it is theoretically possible to set-up and I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be possible to put it into practise.

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