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Long Songs and Homemade CD's

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Hi there,


as the service from NCH is very very bad (never purchased a software with absolutely no support) I've had to move here.


I use ExpressRip 1.49 and, so far, am very pleased with it, as my 1.500 CDs went through without much problems.


Now listening to them ripped, two problems accour:




Tracks longer than, let's say, 10 minutes, go crap. Nearly all tracks ripped get ripped very very long (as the tracks are long ;-), but playing them back comes up as one loud "Wooosh" of a half second.


Tried different methods with no better output.




As a musician myself I use to record songs on CD. Ripping them goes well so far, but the tracks can't be renamed within 1.49. I allways have to rename the files within the explorer and then within the "Information"-Tab in 1.49. Mostly the same with tracks downloaded from iTunes or anywhere else.


So far, it is a fine tool and I'll use it in future. But those bugs worry me more than the bad support.


Thanx for respond and greetings



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