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Basically this is a "tell me what to buy and what format do I save it in" question. I'd a database guy and haven't a clue as to video/music file formats!


This is what I need to do:


Convert music from our CD's (itunes can do that)

Remove DRM from itunes downloads so I can play them on the Windows Mobile phone


Record our DVD's and video's into a format that will play through both Apple TV and Windows Media Players (Linksys and xBox)

The future includes converting all my vinyl LP's to digital



We own the following:

Apple TV

Linksys Media Center Extender

Xbox 360



Windows Mobile phones


XP media player PC's.


I've gotta get these kids buying compatible systems! :lol:


I would like to settle on one software vendor for all the needs, hence my research leading me here. I just can't get a grasp on all the programs and file formats. I'd love someone to say "Bruce, buy this and this. Save your video in this format and it will work on all of it."



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Well, you already know you don't have compatible systems.


I would suggest that you convert the CDs to MP3 files. There are plenty of rippers you can find online, some free and some paid. I use an old versions of MusicMatch to convert to MP3s. Both MACs and PCs can play back MP3s. Don't use iTunes to do this. There's no DRM on MP3s.


As for the video, Apple TV requires the H.264 MPEG4 format. Now, PCs and XBoxes can play these files. QuickTime would be the easiest way to encode them and be compatible on all platforms.


Likewise, record your LPs as WAVs on your computer. Then you can burn individual Audio CDs, if you like, or convert them to MP3s. I use Goldwave and WavePad to do this. Both programs will also convert audio files to MP3s.


So that would be your answer. Buy Quicktime Pro for video encoding and either Goldwave or WavePad for audio recording and MP3 encoding.

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