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Multiple Numbers Dial

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I don't know how to configure Axon .,

1. if a call come to an axon extension, I want it to dial multiple numbers (not extensions) at the same time

2. if a call comes it should directly go to voice message without ringing that extension.

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I don't think Axon can do what you're asking. It can only ring extensions, not outbound numbers...


However, I think I've come up with a plausible work around, although definitely not the best solution:

1) Create an extension for each outbound number you want to ring upon an incoming call

2) Create a ring group with all the extensions added to the list

3) Set-up multiple SIP/VoIP soft phones (which have an auto transfer/forward feature) with the extensions you created in Axon, and then have them set to transfer to the appropriate phone numbers.


Now this is where you'll have to test the set-up because it's based on theoretical hypothesis (so to speak), so there is no telling how it might actually work out in a real world environment.


What I'm concerned about is that Axon may be unable to signal the end of a call (e.g. if the caller hanged up, or if the call was taken on another extension/phone number); but I can't tell from planning whether or not this will occur. I suppose it will depend on the soft-phone being used, if it disconnects a transferred call if the original call stops ringing, it should be fine.. but if it just forwards the call blindly, the phones might keep ringing even if the call has long been answered or disconnected.

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I think this your solution will work, but I have one issue that I allow customers to dynamically create transfers or create multiple ringing (upto to 4 simul ring) ,, from the web itself. Moreover creating a separate extensions dynamically is not good for our servers here, because form the begining I felt that Axon lacks two main things

1. Storing Configuration in a LDAP/DB : because our servers have crashed 2 times , because Axon stores all the info in the registry, at that time we managed only 20-25 customers.

2. Ability to tap each calls while active : it was difficult for us to tap calls while its active, because many times customers speak for hrs and we are not able to dynamically deactivate that call if that call is going more than their (customers) credit limit.


Anyways, did you gave a thought on my 2 query: call should go to voice mail or call should be transfered immediately without ringing the extension. at the moment if I specify 0/1 seconds to transfer / voice mail its rining the extension and then transfering the call.

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if a call comes it should directly go to voice message without ringing that extension.

If you are using IVM you can send the call to IVM's voicemail extension directly. Also some Softphones have a DND (do not disturb) function which I think sends back an 'unavailable' message to trigger voicemail. If it doesn't go straight to voicemail, at least it won't disturb the person with the softphone while it 'rings'

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I tried setting IVM but the call first ring extension before ending up with IVM voice message or call transfer even if the Time before transfer is set to o seconds. Please help me out in this..

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