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can it record streaming audio from the net?

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I thought the idea of a forum was to help people out.I cannot get it to record internet radio either.In fact it kills the sound as soon as i turn sound tap on .Has anyone got anything usefull to say other than it works for them?


There are many variablesinvolved. My method may not be available on your computer.


I can record streaming internet audio on the "Mono Out" setting found in the Otions>General >Input Channel list. Your computer may or may not have this device.


I found this by starting an internet stream then changed input channels until the meter indicated audio was present. I found that the Mono Out worked and in fact had to be set at a very low level to prevent over modulation.

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I wonder if choosing mono out will solve my soundtap not recognizing sound issue? I've wondered about that before I read your post, Tom.


Record Pad, my friend got to record, but I didn't. IF I get it to record last.fm, then I will definately save to buy it, unless I can get soundtap to record last.fm.


I'm using Record Pad trial version, and changed the settings. I still get low output! It matters not whether I choose Mono, force, stereo or joint. And I get NO sound! Maybe the device just hates Toshiba's and only works on HP's.

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Update: I found that Record Pad record everything but with NO sound. No amount of tweaking between mono, force ect. or tweaking anything I found elsewhere worked. However, I found that the Freecorder (paid version only) worked really well and records last.fm with no issues at 128kbs quality. Soundtap records everything else that HAS a URL well, just not they non-embedded stuff. However, my friend has gotten Soundtap to record non-embedded stuff by rebooting his computer, then starting soundtap and then starting last.fm. I never got last.fm to record even after I did this. I've not tried it since reinstalling last.fm.

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