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I am new to this whole program and I have my Court and Conference Reporting test next weekend but I have to download my dictation in a wav. file and burn to my CD. I have to turn in 2 CD's with my dictation on it. CAn anyone please give advice??? I know this is probably simple but I've spent hours and can't figure it out!


Please help! I need my certification!

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I would like to send some of dicatations that are currently in .dct format to a transcription service that would like the files in .wav format.

To export a WAV file from Express Dictate:

  • Load the DCT into Express Dictate and make sure it is the only dictation selected in the dictation list.
  • Select "Save as..." from the "Dictation" menu.
  • Select "Wave Files (*.wav)" from the "Save as type" drop-down list.
  • Click Save.

or you could add the transcription service as a recipient (Options dialog -> Sending tab), change the file format to WAV (Send to Typist Recipient Properties dialog -> File tab), and send the file directly to them from inside Dictate.

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