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The track numbering scheme does not work. I'm using a "Custom" "File Name Scheme" "{01-%n2}", but the Tracks are always stored as "Track 01" etc. Annoying!


Also the FreeDB server cannot accessed, even if the Firewall is disabled. Neither the server, nor the server in HTTP, nor the alternate server.

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What version are you running?


1.49, if it helps,


I found out that the file name string is only used if db information can be retrieved. Since it cannot for quite some while (as other users have pointed out too), we have this problem.

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Today one my CDs was found on the alternate server. In this case the file name scheme worked. So you only got to fix the problem that the scheme does not work for titles not found.


For your information, I like to explain why I need this. I am often copying audio books from CDs. They come on multiple CDs. I like to copy them into one folder with alphabetical names, like 01-01, 01-02, ..., 02-01 etc., so the MP3 player plays them in the right order. So I need a file naming scheme, involving the CD number 01, which I enter, and the track number.


By the way, I have to copy the file name to the title with another software. This is annoying, but I need to do this with all grabbers I know of. Many MP3 players sort the files by title.


Maybe you could fix the problem with the file names, and also make an option to use the file name for the title tag as well?!


Otherwise, your software is good. The encoder results are a lot better than the results of the free LAME encoder, given the same file size. It is also faster.



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Work around:


After the program read the disk and complains twice about non-existing db entry, enter the artist (book author) and the album (book title). Then use options to enter {01 - %n2 - %b} as a file naming scheme. where 01 is for the book part. After ripping, open the directory with the ID3tagit3 program, and send the file name to the song title (option <T> in the dialog, which interprets the file name for IDV2).


Not nice and easy, but works. I just wished, NHC would be a bit quicker answering user complaints.

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Guest nchaj

You dont need to pay, your email will get replied to even if you havent paid, However we do reply to paid customers as a priority so it can take longer for us to reply to unpaid questions.

If you report a bug we dont previously know about you get a free upgrade so it pays to submit through the forms so we are aware of you.

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