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Inbound callers cant hear any sound


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Hi All!


My Setup: I have one DID Number, I'm using an NB6 Netcomm ADSL2+ modem/router (with the latest firware), I've configured the ports 5060 & 5061 (TCP/UDP) & ports 8000-8025 (TCP/UDP) to be forwarded to my Win2003 Server. Each extension is using a softfone. The Win2003 Server is acting as a DNS Server.


The problem is every caller (outside the local network) cant hear me but i can hear them. I can make an internal voip phone call to an extension & the call & audio is fine.


If I turn off Axon & use the softfone the same thing happens, I can hear the caller but they cant hear me.


My gut feeling is its a dreaded PORT issue, any ideas? :blink:





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Indeed this is a port forwarding issue. Your firewall appears to be blocking the ports Axon and the Softphone are using to communicate. This is normal, however must be corrected for two way communication to be successful. Please reference your router's manual to determine how to forward (unblock) ports, and then set the router up to forward the ports you have chosen Axon/the soft phone to use. Also be sure to run the network set-up wizard in the Softphone.

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Thanks pythonpoole, i've double checked the issue, Using Axon We can make internal/network calls ok,


we can call pstn & other SIP phone No's ok, but if someone calls us we can hear them but they cant


hear us.


Here's the NB6 settings i had:


type . external port . IP Address(of server) . internal port


tcp/udp . 5060 . 192.168.x.xx . 5060


tcp/udp . 8000-8025 . 192.168.x.xx . 8000-8025



Axon Settings:


General Tab:


Service Settings: Run on local service (no network access) ....... What does this mean?



Network tab:


Listening local port


SIP port: 5060

RTP port: 8000 (starting from)



Allow incoming calls:


ticked: use uPNP

ticked: Use STUN server

ticked: use static IP Address (public IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, external SIP: 5060, external RTP: 8000 (starting from))



Do these settings look ok? Let me know what u think :unsure:



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