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Debut Video Capture Software


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Hi, Im new here and really could do with some help please.


I've downloaded the Debut Video Capture Software from here Video Capture Software which it just what Ive been looking for just to record myself playing poker so I can send it off too a couple of friends for them to learn from but I have problem..

When I record my screen its fine other than its not picking up any sound at all, I've tried changing settings in the options but still no joy at all. In the 'Record Volume' section of the options there is a button which says on it 'Open Windows Record Mixer' but when I click it nothing happens/opens, so I can't change any setings in there (if thats an option in it)


If anyone could possibly help I'd realy appreciate it. If I'm posting this in the wrong part of this forum would someone also please point me in the right direction?


Thanks again, Jason :(


*edited* - its the screen capture part of the program im using

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