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freeze/forced shut down

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Currently without footpedal, so am controlling via hotkeys. Occasionally while using hotkeys to stop and start the recording, I will get a gray box on the screen that demands (in English and in what I think is Japanese) that I shut down the computer via the power button. Having just spent way too much money getting my computer rescued from directory problems due to similar issues, I'm not too happy about this.


Is anyone having similar problems, and have you found a fix?

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i have been having the same issue for about a month now, usually once a week, but its been much more aggessive this week. it hapened twice today. i checked the scheduler and i dont have anything scheduled for a shut down. i checked this b/c the error logs said scheduler normally shutting down at the same time that i received this message for a forced shut down. if anyone has been able to troubleshoot this, please post whatever you can to help!



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